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Who is the Holy Spirit?

He is not a feeling or a falling, nor is He a crying or a wailing. He is no emotion, He is a person.

He is a personality in the order of the Godhead! He is the third person of the Trinity.

He is in charge of the affairs of the kingdom of God on earth today.

He is the Chief Executive of the divine programme on earth.

He is the motivator, energizer and operator of every revealed plan (vision) from God.

He is the revealer of the hidden treasures of the kingdom and holds the key to the inheritance of the saints.

The Holy Spirit is the most valuable asset to Christian living. He is the central figure in any breakthrough in life.
“But why all the counterfeits?”, you may ask. The simple answer is this:
the presence of the counterfeit is a sure proof of the existence of the genuine.

No other personality of the Godhead is more impersonated than the Holy Spirit. This is because He is the reality of the hour.
By virtue of my salvation background with the Evangelicals, I was biased against the Holy Spirit. In fact, for the first six years of my salvation, I did not even want to hear the subject of the person of the Holy Spirit preached.

The Evangelicals believe that all saved people are filled with the Holy Spirit.
I began to find faults with those who claim to be baptized with the Holy Spirit. Little did I know that the enemy was out to steal my destiny. Today, that same Holy Spirit is my sweetest companion and greatest asset.

Come with me on an exciting adventure into the person and mission of the Holy Spirit.

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