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What Is Faith?

The question is, what is faith?
If faith is an all-important subject, then we need to know what it is in the actual sense.

If it makes living so colourful, then we must be bothered and concerned about what it is.

Nothing works without it!

Salvation is impossible without it!

Healing is impossible without it!

Victory is impossible without it!

Now, let me conclude, nothing is possible without faith. Nothing!

Which means, Christianity is worthless without faith.

Faith is the producer of good reports. Where good reports are found in this kingdom, it is a direct product of faith.
I have found many prayer warriors who are gallant failures.

But you can never point to a faith giant who is not a super success!
Look around in the world and in the Bible also. Show me a giant of faith, and I’ll show you a giant on the earth.

Faith is the principal determining factor of every man’s status. There is no contesting this fact.

Every exploit recorded in Hebrews 11, is a direct product of faith.
So, what is faith?

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