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Holy Spirit: His Approach To His Mission

The first thing the Holy Spirit did when He came was to bring the disciples out of their hiding place in the upper room. They that were once fugitives became rulers in the land. He announced His arrival, broke the walls that enclosed them and dignified His people. Peter who denied his Master (even before a little girl), now proclaimed boldly, “Jesus Christ whom your fathers killed.”

The Holy Ghost came to reveal them, to bring them out of darkness and cause their light to shine from obscurity. In no time at all, the disciples became a concern to the entire province where they were living. Authorities in power held meetings because of them. They became the unbeatable
winners, speaking and having what they spoke.             They took over the synagogues as though there were no high priests there previously. According to the Bible, “a great company of the priests became obedient to the faith” (Acts 6:7).

The Holy Ghost came to reveal the sonship of the sons of God. He is the personality to lean on today, if we want to be accomplished. He is the only One, to this hour, that makes the difference. His name is called the Comforter.

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